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Healing Racial Trauma with Somatic Therapy


An online course to equip therapists and wellness professionals to address racial trauma in the therapy room.

5 CE's for Therapists and approved for 5 EMDRIA credits

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Research shows that most people have a difficult time talking about race & racism. And as therapists, we’re no different.

Racial trauma is a common experience among people of color who seek therapy. Hemmings & Evans (2018) found that 71% of wellness professionals have encountered clients with race-based trauma, but few have received training in the assessment or treatment.


As wellness professionals and therapists...

You know it’s important to talk about racial trauma, but you’re unsure of how to identify it in the therapy room.

You recognize that not addressing race is problematic, but you don’t know how to lead the conversation.

You see how racism results in trauma, but you aren’t sure what therapeutic practices to use.

Feel more equipped to address race-based trauma and walk with clients in the healing process

As therapists and wellness professionals we need to learn how to care for our clients of color who have experienced race-based trauma.

Through the Healing Racial Trauma with Somatic Therapy online course you’ll learn how to assess for and treat racial trauma. Not only will you be equipped with therapeutic practices to care for your clients, but you’ll gain a greater understanding of race-based trauma. From your own implicit bias to everyday microaggressions, you’ll walk away with tools to identify your own blind spots, biases, and privilege so as to not harm your clients.

If you are a therapist or wellness professional who wants to deepen your understanding of racism as trauma and how to incorporate Somatic practices and other culturally-relevant interventions that bring the body and the heart into healing, this course is for you.

What Others Are Saying

“I really appreciated the polyvagal resource and the mindfulness techniques we discussed. I find great value in learning and being able to teach actual skills that address trauma."

“This was excellent. Great positive and transparent energy from presenters! It was a great primer for the material and I appreciated all the thought and sensitivity the presenters put into it. We covered a lot in a short amount of time, and the focus on somatic approaches was excellent.”

“I really valued the incorporation of somatic theory and applications. Erica and  Dr. Chinwe—their warmth, knowledge, communicating “going there” directly but in a way people could hear it.”

Walk away understanding…

  • Why it’s important to talk about race in the therapy room

  • Why it is essential to incorporate the body into the healing process
  • How racism shows up systemically, transgenerationally, and on an individual level

  • What language clients use to indicate you should explore racial traumas

  • How to address and speak about racial trauma

  • How to use Somatic practices and other culturally-relevant interventions for healing

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Who is this course for?


who want to incorporate Somatic therapy for racial trauma healing in their practice.

Wellness Professionals

who want to learn to identify and address race-based trauma in their clients.

Your Course Includes 

10 easy-to-digest modules that will help you feel more confident working with racial trauma, training on body-based interventions that will leave you better prepared to work with clients impacted by race-based trauma, and accompanying handouts for each module.

Healing Racial Trauma with Somatic Therapy


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  • Strategies for white clinicians working with Black clients who may or may not recognize themselves as having experienced racial trauma
  • A strategy for how to address white clients who make racially insensitive remarks in the therapy room
  • Ways for Black clinicians to care for themselves while caring for others
  • Specific, culturally-relevant strategies for helping clients cope with racial trauma
  • Demonstrations and instructions on how to use Somatic Approaches
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Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Chinwe Williams

Dr. Chinwe is a certified EMDR clinician and a licensed and board certified therapist who specializes in stress and anxiety management, trauma recovery, cultural awareness, and women’s wellness.  Dr. Williams has  served as a graduate school professor, high school and college counselor and leadership consultant in faith-based, non-profit,  K-12, college/university and corporate work settings.

She is a published author and frequent guest on blogs and podcasts related to culture, race, and wellness. Chinwe has presented at numerous conferences on the topics of race-based trauma and racial equity in schools and in the workplace. She is also the owner of Meaningful Solutions Counseling & Consulting, a private practice in Roswell, GA.

Interested in having Chinwe speak at your upcoming event? Learn more and contact her here.


Erica Bonham

Erica Bonham is a certified EMDR clinician, consultant and trainer and is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Colorado. She aspires to be a catalyst for change, justice, growth, evolution and all around badassery.

She specializes in serving the LGBTQ community, abuse recovery, and trauma related to social injustice, racial injustice and spiritual abuse. She incorporates her training as a yoga instructor and mindfulness practitioner to deepen clients’ healing of their bodies and specializes in somatic and attachment EMDR and ego state work. She is a published author, speaker and the creator of the course Healthy Hope: EMDR Best Practices for Healing Spiritual Trauma.

She seeks to get into good trouble to dismantle systems of oppression and white supremacy and is the owner and lead therapist at AVOS Counseling Center and Training Institute in Arvada, CO

Interested in having Erica speak at your upcoming event? Learn more and contact her here.

Please Note: As part of her own reparations work, 10% of Erica's profits from this course will be donated to the Loveland Foundation, an organization that connects Black girls and Black queer folks with Black therapists. Learn more about the Loveland Foundation.

Race is a key element of our identity, and a big part of what clients bring to the table. This is especially true for the Black community.

While being Black or Brown is a great source of strength and power, it is also often a source of pain. By not addressing discrimination, microaggressions, and other race-based experiences in the therapy room we are not able to fully support and help clients heal. 

While individuals of all racial minority groups (Asian, Latinx, Indigenous peoples) are at risk of experiencing racial trauma, Black clients are particularly at risk as anti-Black rhetoric and racism is not only individual and specific, it’s historical.

The more we understand the racial trauma of our clients, the more we see the importance of bringing the body into the healing process. Like any trauma, our bodies hold the tension of racial trauma inside.

Our mission is to equip wellness professionals with a foundation addressing race in the therapy room through somatic practices and other therapeutic tools that help to heal racial trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions

With 60% of Black Americans experiencing at least one act of racial discrimination in their lifetime (Carter, 2007), it is important that therapists be equipped to help address and heal racial trauma.

Start healing racial trauma in your therapy room today.


Through Healing Trauma with Somatic Therapy you’ll walk away with a foundation for why addressing race in the therapy room is important, how racism can be traumatic, and somatic exercises that bring healing to the body and the mind.

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